Law Enforcement /Prosecution Task Force

The CHATTANOOGA FAMILY JUSTICE ALLIANCE recognizes that domestic violence is preventable. By thoroughly investigating incidents of domestic violence and appropriately enforcing applicable laws, short and long term positive effects are realized. Reductions in domestic homicides, assaults, elder and child abuse, spousal rapes, stalking, and domestic hostage situations are attributable to a “zero tolerance” law. It offers meaningful intervention in the violent, learned behavior of children, which translates into juvenile crime on the streets, in the schools, and as future domestic violence offenders. Law Enforcement ChecklistIn both arrest and non-arrest situations, officers will take all reasonable measures necessary to assist and/or assure the immediate safety of the victim(s), the children, the offender, or any other person who may be affected; and to determine what action will be most effective in preventing future violence.

The legislature has passed the arrest as the preferred response law, mandating responsibilities to law enforcement. All agencies will fully comply with such legislation.
Download the CFJA Law Enforcement Protocols
Download the Policy of the IACP Police Response to Violence Against Women Project

Police Response EvaluationThe Law Enforcement prosecution task force developed the following indicators to be monitored from July 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009.

1. Number of Police complaints filed for domestic violence.
2. Charges as indicated in Sessions Court Clerk’s office records(broken down by jurisdiction).
3. Number of arrests for domestic violence
4. Number of cases bound over by grand jury
5. Case dispositions
6. Number of domestic and non-domestic homicides broken down by month

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