Cost of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence not ony has personal impacts, but also has economic impacts to society.

Primary Economic Impact Areas are:

  • Medical and Mental Health Care
  • Lost Productivity in Employment
  • Loss of Life
  • Law Enforcement
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Social Services

There are two types of costs related to Domestic Violence.  Tangible costs are direct impact dollars from this problem.  Indirect costs are costs that result from lost productivity and quality of life.

Tangible = Direct
Medicare and Medicaid
Emergency Medical Responses
Hospital Care for Uninsured
Employer Insurance Premiums
Law Enforcement
Criminal Justice System
Social Services
Intangible = Indirect
Reduced Quality of Life
Loss of Productivity
Employment Absences

According to the 1993 National Institute of Justice, 2.3 million incidents of domestic violence created tangible costs of $8.8 Billion dollars in medical and mental healthcare ($1.8B) and public services ($7.0B).  Intangible costs of $58 Billion was mainly from loss of Quality of Life and Productivity.  Therefore, the total costs of Domestic Violence is $66.8 Billion.

For the State of Tennessee:
IN 2004, there were an estimated 66,619 Incidents of Domestic Violence.
Costs are estimated at $32 Million in Tangible Costs and $10 Million in Intangible Costs for a total of $42 Million.
In addition, Tennessee ranked 5th in the nation for Violent Murders of Women (70 domestic violence murders in 2004)

The State of Tennessee Pays!

  • $26 Million for probation oversight of offenders
  • $14.7 Million for prison costs of Domestic Violence Murders
  • $4.4 Million in pretrial jail cost
  • $3.2 Million for divorce due to domestic violence
  • $920,000 in Domestic Violence custody filing fees
  • $70,800 in protection order processiong fees

Total Cost to the State $49.9 Million

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